Complete Residential Estate and Concierge Management Software

Pharos - the only solution to manage a residential estate

Enabling direct engagement with your residents


Covid-Secure Bookings Calendar system

Our Covid-secure bookings module leaves you in full control, enabling maximum residents per session, time for cleaning and track and trace built in. Our customers are now re-opening their gyms and pools.

Always up to date

We have a long development path of new features, we promise, we will never charge for any new features or software upgrades.

Save on average 3 hours per day

Do you accept deliveries for residents? We know the paper system well, most sites who have adopted our software save on average three hours per day. All notifications are automatic and electronic, no more paper chits.

How would you like to know who lives where on your estate?

Our software constantly updates, as tenancies expire, so do the resident accounts. Residents can extend their tenancy through the control panel.

Manage key holding?

Our software includes full secure tracking of residential and site keys, including digital signature capture. Residents are instantly notifed when their keys are signed out and back in and by whom. They are in control of who can take their keys and when.

Still using paper to track deliveries for residents?

Our software can track every parcel delivery, dry cleaning and so much more. You are in charge of what we will track. All automated, residents are notified of new deliveries and receive confirmation on collection. No more delivering paper notes to people's flats.

Need to send an urgent communication to a block or floor?

Pharos estate management will let you target your residential audience by block or floor, or by type of resident (tenant, owner, etc.). It allows you to send a notification immediately, or schedule for later sending. For example a reminder scheduled to be sent at 9am on Saturday morning to all residents on the 8th floor of Johnson block, "Just a reminder your hallway carpets will be cleaned today, starting at 11am. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Or to notify your residents when your operatives will be on site."

Fully GDPR compliant

We take data security and privacy seriously. Pharos has been built from the ground up to be compliant with best practices. We visited many sites throughout the UK and designed Pharos around the needs of managers and their concierge and other staff to save the maximum amount of timeā€”so staff can be productive doing other things, and implemented best working practices in a secure, compliant manner. Unlike many of our competitors, we are UK based and fully GDPR Compliant.

Minimal effort installation

With our software, all you have to provide is a site property list and your welcome pack (site terms and conditions for residents to agree to) and you can be up and running immediately. Other software solutions require a complete resident contact list and much more. We work from day one, we are the only solution that does.

Multi-level user access

Our software supports your staff regardless of your site's size: some may only deal with items waiting collection, others may deal with resident tenancy agreements, it varies from site to site. Our software allows you to control what your staff can do. We tailor the user experience to suit your needs.

Full Reporting

Residents registered, items waiting collection, items collected, keys currently signed out, keys currently held, items received per day, tracking dry cleaning, food boxes, medicine and much more. Pharos tells you so much about your site. Including an accurate representation of your tenants to owners, per block, per floor.

Testimonal - Mustakim Momin, Assistant Development Manager, Jacobs Island, Firstport

At Jacobs Island, we signed up to Pharos at the start of development of the newest version of their software, they involved us in their design and very much listened to our feedback, which we love, many times taking our ideas and making it happen. They really did listen.

It is reassuring that any new feature is included, no additional costs.

Thanks to their automation of deliveries, key holding and communications with residents, we have saved many hours per day, allowing us to give our residents a much better and more dedicated service, no longer do we have to deliver paper chits to mailboxes, their software has massively reduced our concierge paperwork.

For data and security, they worked closely with our compliance department ensuring a good fit for our company.

We have had very positive feedback from our residents, they feel much more in control, especially with instant notifications of who has signed their keys out and when, and when they are returned.

We love their openness to improve their software, and that they regularly pop in to ensure everything is ok, also training any staff as required, all at no extra cost. It is very nice being asked to regularly test and help shape new features.

Currently we are very much involved with their latest feature to ensure social distancing, it will help manage our Gym and the flow of residents through concierge, keeping our staff and residents safe.

Thank you so much guys, you software has been very cost effective since day one. We have no regrets being a customer, highly recommended.

Mustakim Momin (Assistant Development Manager, Jacobs Island).